Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello and welcome to all my potential followers!

In recent times the Fashion Blog has become very popular. It seems every budding Gok Wan or Vera Wang respectively has taken to bringing their particular brand of fashion, and their take on existing fashions to the masses via the phenomenon that is blogging.

Theatre/Culture bloggers do not seem to exist in such abundance however. Though a few well established critics have very popular blogs there is one tiny little fly the ointment: their blogs most often and obviously enough cater to happenings on a national and international scale. What I shall endeavour to achieve with my little blog is to give my readers an insight into the fabulous underworld of culture happenings in their own back yard. Too often very good and talented people go unnoticed as the public is unaware of their existence even if it is just down the road.

Though I will cast my eye on bigger events from time to time (sometimes I just can't help myself) it will be predominantly about Carlow as that is where I am currently based. I will freely admit that I may not be the most experienced or well versed culture vulture, I am however, young and passionate - therefore opinionated, honest, and on occasion guilty of that which blights many young people: "I know more & could do it better" syndrome. I might be a Cub, but I hope I'll be an entertaining one at the very least.

I will also post links to other blogs and articles that may be of interest, and will most certainly be voicing my opinion on whatever affects the Arts.

I hope you enjoy this blog as much as I'm going to enjoy writing it.

Happy reading!

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